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Sri Subhendu Kanjilal

Associate Professor

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Sri Gopal Adak

Head of the Department

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Dr. Gour Hari Bera

Assistant Professor

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Sri Susanta Mondal

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Rahul Banerjee

Assistant Professor

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The Department of Mathematics, with its qualified faculty and modernised classroom teaching techniques, helps the students to acquire in-depth study of the fundamental principles and theories and also enable them to apply these concepts in real life situation. The department has a computer laboratory of its own where the students can learn computer programming under the guidance of departmental teachers. The main thrust in the syllabus is on Analysis, Algebra, Geometry, Mathematical logic Numerical techniques and Mechanics. The detailed lesson plan will be provided at the beginning of the session. For boosting overall performance of the students and to keep the laggards afloat, special counselling is done by the teachers on a regular basis through remedial classes.

Best Practices

Teaching Learning

1 Dr. Gour Hari Bera 05-03-2024 E-module Differential Operators
2 Dr. Gour Hari Bera 05-03-2024 E-module Interpolation Equi Spaced
3 Dr. Gour Hari Bera 05-03-2024 Emodule Interpolation unequi spaced
4 Sri Gopal Adak 11-11-2022 E-Learning Module on Metric Spaces PPT
5 Sri Gopal Adak 11-11-2022 E learning module on Topology
6 Dr. Rahul Banerjee 26-09-2021 Reduction Formula
7 Dr. Rahul Banerjee 26-09-2021 Successive Derivatives and Leibnitzs Rule
8 Dr. Rahul Banerjee 14-08-2021 Linear difference equations with constant coefficients
9 Dr. Rahul Banerjee 06-08-2021 L-Hospitals-Rule
10 Dr. Rahul Banerjee 01-08-2021 Hyperbolic Functions
11 Sri Gopal Adak 11-11-2019 Compactness and Connectedness are two important topological properties which can be used to establish boundedness and intermediate value properties of a real valued continuous function in a closed bounded interval.
12 Sri Gopal Adak 11-11-2019 Group Theory: Normal Subgroups and Quotient Groups, Isomorphism Theorems.
13 Sri Gopal Adak 02-11-2019 Lecture Notes on Metric Spaces
14 Sri Gopal Adak 02-11-2019 E Learning Module on Metric Spaces
15 Sri Subhendu Kanjilal 01-10-2019 FOUCAULT’s PENDULUM
16 Sri Gopal Adak 01-10-2019 Lecture notes on Laplace’s Transformation
17 Sri Susanta Mondal 26-09-2019 Lecture Notes on C Programming
18 Sri Gopal Adak 25-09-2019 Lecture Note on Fourier Series
19 Sri Gopal Adak 25-09-2019 Lecture Notes on Sequence
20 Sri Susanta Mondal 20-09-2019 Numerical Analysis


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