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Prof. Mousumi Mukhopadhyay

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Prof. Santanu Banerjee

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Dr. Anamitra Sarkar

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Dr. Sutapa Rani Das Gupta

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The History Honours syllabus under the 1+1+1 syllabus consists of eight papers to be covered in three academic years. The last batch of students under the 1+1+1 system is due to pass out in the year 2020. Under the old syllabus, the Honours curriculum is divided in two parts – Indian history and History of the World. Papers on History of India cover period from Pre–history to Nehruvian era (1964). The span of the syllabus of the Eurocentric World history is from the fall of Feudal Society (Rise of early Modern Europe) to the end of Cold War. It also includes the history of Far East countries.

Under the newly introduced CBCS from the year 2018 the Three years B.A. Honours in History will comprise 6 Semesters. The curriculum will consist of 14 Core Courses (CC), 4 Discipline Specific Elective (DSC ) Courses, 2 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC), 2 Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC). Each Course of 100 marks. Attendance : 10 marks per paper, Internal Assessment : 10 marks per paper. The syllabus is framed to redefine the curriculum keeping pace with the new research in the field.


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1 Prof. Mousumi Mukhopadhyay 05-03-2024 THE ANTIQUITY OF MAN
2 Prof. Mousumi Mukhopadhyay 05-03-2024 Third World
3 Prof. Mousumi Mukhopadhyay 05-03-2024 Vijayanagar Economy
4 Prof. Santanu Banerjee 05-03-2024 Material Milieu of the Emergence of Protest Religion Movement
5 Prof. Mousumi Mukhopadhyay 05-03-2024 The Copernican Revolution
6 Prof. Santanu Banerjee 05-03-2024 Threshold Time
7 Prof. Santanu Banerjee 05-03-2024 Women and Nationalism
8 Dr. Anamitra Sarkar 05-03-2024 English Civil war Part I
9 Dr. Anamitra Sarkar 05-03-2024 The Gandhara civilization and its culture flourished during the first four centuries of the Common Era in the valleys of the Swat, Kabul and Indus Rivers.
10 Dr. Anamitra Sarkar 05-03-2024 The Huguenots
11 Dr. Anamitra Sarkar 05-03-2024 Civil War -II
12 Dr. Anamitra Sarkar 05-03-2024 The Twelfth Century Renaissance
13 Prof. Mousumi Mukhopadhyay 17-04-2020 Mughal Crafts, Technology & Commerce
14 Prof. Mousumi Mukhopadhyay 13-04-2020 ভারত মহাসাগরের বাণিজ্য
15 Prof. Mousumi Mukhopadhyay 13-04-2020 মুঘল সাম্রাজ্যের সম্প্রসারণ (১৫৫৬-১৬০৫)
16 Prof. Mousumi Mukhopadhyay 13-04-2020 মধ্যযুগের ইয়োরোপের বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়
17 Prof. Mousumi Mukhopadhyay 13-04-2020 মধ্যযুগে ইয়োরোপে নগরের পত্তন ও বিকাশ
18 Dr. Sutapa Rani Das Gupta 04-04-2020 Mughal Architecture 2
19 Prof. Santanu Banerjee 02-04-2020 Varna, Status of Women and Marriage in ancient India.
20 Prof. Santanu Banerjee 02-04-2020 CC:8 Mercantilism
21 Dr. Sutapa Rani Das Gupta 02-04-2020 MUGHAL ARCHITECTURE 1
22 Dr. Sutapa Rani Das Gupta 02-04-2020 Mughal Architecture I
23 Prof. Mousumi Mukhopadhyay 01-04-2020 University in Middle Age
24 Prof. Mousumi Mukhopadhyay 01-04-2020 Urbanisation in Europe in Middle Age
25 Prof. Mousumi Mukhopadhyay 01-04-2020 Mauryan Administration
26 Prof. Santanu Banerjee 09-02-2020 Varna, Women, Marriage in Ancient India; For CC-4 Bengali Medium Students
27 Dr. Sutapa Rani Das Gupta 26-09-2019 Migration in Bengal (1947-64)
28 Prof. Mousumi Mukhopadhyay 25-09-2019 Pre-History: story of the stones
29 Prof. Mousumi Mukhopadhyay 25-09-2019 Neolithic-Age


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