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Ayesha Dutta

State Aided College Teacher (SACT-1)

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Philosophy literally means ‘love of wisdom’. It is an attempt to arrive at a rational conception of reality as a whole. It is a synoptic view of the universe. The syllabus for Under–Graduate course framed by the University of Calcutta focuses on an array of topics like Indian Philosophy, Western Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Psychology, Logic, Analytical Philosophy, Ethics, Religion and such in the context of an overall effort to present concepts, technics and models which will help undergraduate students pursuing the course to give a better knowledge of the subject. The syllabus is divided into modules to help the students follow a step–by–step approach to the subject with suitable real–world cases, examples and exercises. Thus the syllabus helps to sharpen the student’s mind, communicate skills and understand the subject with greater ease. Recently the syllabus has been revised to incorporate topics from contemporary philosophy which will help the students to develop an integrative vision as well as an analytic insight into various issues.

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