Function & Initiatives

The IQAC of the college is making sustained efforts for quality improvement in different spheres. For skill enhancement of the students and acquainting them with new areas of higher study, two new add on courses were introduced and completed (by the departments of Chemistry and Economics) during 2022-23 under the aegis of the IQAC. More proposals for add on courses are being processed. The IQAC also successfully organized different seminars/workshops (including the Annual Students Seminar) in collaboration with different committees and departments and celebrated important days with vigour. As part of its collaborative effort, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with Women's Christian College on 26.04.2023 that is fully functional. Plans for signing MoU with industry are also being developed. For designing its future plan of action, the IQAC collected feedback from students, teachers and parents that were meticulously analyzed and suggestions for improvement in the functioning of the institution were given to the college authority. The IQAC also facilitated the successful processing of the promotion of faculty members.