The importance of seminars in the world of the academics has a long distinguished past. The original home of seminars it is now known was the ecclesiastical schools of the Middle Ages. The medieval ‘seminaries’ imparted to the students a comprehensive knowledge of a particular topic and taught them methods of special work. It is interesting that the importance of seminars continues to impact the academic world and offers the attendees, a wealth of information from varied perspectives, in one place in a condensed period of time. An exposure to the world of knowledge helps one to develop new ideas and challenge ones’ own thoughts. In the process, seminars are necessary for broadening the academic insights of both the students and the teachers of an institution. It is with this objective that the college emphasizes on the need to hold regular seminars as part of its academic programme. Not only resource persons from different institutes of the country are invited in National Seminars organised by the college but also students are encouraged to deliver talks in seminars organised in smaller scale by individual departments regularly.

Upcoming Event


Molecular Cloning: The Know How

Date:           February 12-13, 2018
Time:          10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Venue:        Department of Microbiology, St. Paul’s C. M. College

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