The College

St. Paul’s Cathedral Mission College, having a Christian foundation, is a Religious Minority Educational institution within the meaning of Article 30 of the Constitution of India. Being one of the oldest institutions of the country, it is situated at the heart of Kolkata, just a few minutes’ walk from the hub of academic activities of the city – the College Street. It was ranked as one of the five best colleges of Kolkata by a leading weekly India Today. In 2018 the college has been declared as the Best College of the Year, 2017 by Mother Teresa International Award Committee. With sixteen departments and over 1300 students, the five buildings of College surround a sizeable field in Amherst Street. Much of the city’s heritage is captured in the college campus, the oldest building being over a hundred years old. St Paul’s Cathedral Mission College has witnessed phenomenal growth in the field of intellectual advancement and has celebrated its Sesquicentenary (150 years) in 2014-15. It has already seen three NAAC Peer Team visits, first in 2005, second in 2011 and finally in 2019 when the College has been placed in Grade B for performance. As per recommendation of the Peer Team in 2011 the Department of English has begun its Post-Graduate Section, since November 2013.

The College is not only proud to boast of an attractive campus, but it has recently spruced itself up with technological advancements like a Wi-Fi campus, a state of the art Seminar Room, and Smart Classrooms. The students can now avail of a multi-gym for their physical fitness apart from participating in major sports like football and cricket. There are social and outreach programs throughout the year which look into gender sensitization, equable distribution of education facilities and also encourage social work. The teachers, the students and the staff of the college together take the burden of upholding the prestige of the institution on a collective basis.

Our Mission

Since its inception in January, 1865 this Institution has a mission true to its motto: I PRESS TOWARDS THE MARK OF EXCELLENCE AND PERSEVERANCE. Each one associated with the college is continuously striving for attaining the motto. In the first annual report of the college Rev Barton, the first Principal of this College, said “We hope that the College will serve as a fresh point of union between the East and West and help us to bridge over that gulf of mutual distrust which a mere secular education tends to widen”. . Like all other educational institutions, following the footsteps of our forefathers, this College in the modern era has been focusing on three basic missions: Teaching, Research and serving the Community. Teaching or learning is the core mission. We educate the students up to the Graduate standard keeping in view of the words of Swami Vivekananda: “EDUCATION IS THE MANIFESTATION OF THE PERFECTION ALREADY IN MAN”. Relentlessly the College puts effort to teach the students to dream before a dream comes true in reality. The College not only seeks to equip its young students for advancing and enriching their career prospects in order to face the competitive job-market, but also intends to build up the moral character of the students by the inculcation of treasured spiritual values so that they can keep a balance between tradition and modernity.

Our Vision

Adhering to the enlightened vision of the Christian founder-fathers, the professed objective of the College is to develop the students as rational, morally sound & complete individuals and as responsible citizens of modern India & the Global village. Translating the lofty and noble vision of an academic institution into reality is always a challenging task and in this college it is encapsulated in a single sentence “Everything can be spared for the sake of TRUTH and complete manhood but TRUTH cannot be compromised for anything.” One cannot have exactly a schematic view of the future, but it is always beneficial to hope and likewise, we are always hopeful of an optimistic future. With this it would be easy for the College to make its own tracks in the snow of uncertainties. Finally, we visualise that college will produce many more “Paulites”, who will turn our beloved motherland to a country as dreamt by Rabindranath Tagore in his poem Where the Mind is without fear – “Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;/ Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action/ Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.”

Our Core Values

Core Values

Handbook of Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct