The Zoology department boasts of dedicated and sincere faculty who impart effective classroom teaching, motivating and stimulating students’ interests. By leveraging on the latest in educational tools, laboratory equipments and technology, the department delivers quality education that sharpens students’ analytic mind and also promote, their all–round skills.

          Faculty Detail :

Sm. Debolina Saha, M.Sc.
Summary – (Academic Profile)

Name: Sm. Debolina Saha
Designation: Contractual-(wholetime contractual)
Qualifications: M.Sc.

Sm. Pritha Gupta, M.Sc.
Summary – (Academic Profile)

Name: Sm. Pritha Gupta
Designation: (Guest Lecturer)
Qualifications: M.Sc.

          Program Outcome:

PO1- Employment opportunities- B.Sc students can find different government and industrial jobs or they can go for M.Sc. After completing M.Sc ,the students can go for research work in field of Zoology, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Genetics, Bioinformatics etc. After clearing NET/SET examination, students can go for Teaching in various colleges.

PO2- Skill enhancement- Students can learn about techniques on how to run poultry farm, fish farm, silk industry, bee keeping industry.

PO3- Higher research- Basic fundamental concepts of molecules, microbes, environment etc. help the students to pursue future research project on various field of Biology.

          Program Specific Outcome:

PSO1- Thinking capability- During our course students can increase their thinking capability from their own experiments and field work.

PSO2- Innovative ideas- students can came up with different kinds of innovative ideas as our subject deal with various fields of modern biology.

          Course Outcome:

CO 1- A thorough understanding regarding Animal Kingdom.

CO 2- Description about the development of foetus to an adult .

CO 3- Idea of ecology and biodiversity , biochemistry.

CO 4- Fundamental concepts of different techniques on applied Zoology.