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Dr. Jishnunil Chakraborty
Assistant Professor
Academic Profile :

M.Sc., Ph.D.

Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry

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Area of Research :

Supramolecular Chemistry, Metal-organic Framework, Molecular Magnetism, Heterogeneous Catalysis

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List of Publication :

1. “Self-assembly of [M(Hida)2] (Hida- = iminodiacetate; M = Pd and Pt) in a 2D supramolecular network via extensive hydrogen bonded interactions: Synthesis, X-ray crystal structure, spectroscopic and thermal studies”
Jishnunil Chakraborty, H. Mayer-Figge, W. S. Sheldrick, P. Banerjee. Polyhedron 24 (2005) 771–776.

2. “Structure and property of unsymmetrical binuclear [(3,5-dimethylpyrazole)2Pd2(m-3,5-dimethylpyrazolate)2-(2,6-dipicolinate)] and mononuclear [Na2(H2O)4Pd(2,6-dipicolinate)2] complexes”
Jishnunil Chakraborty, H. Mayer-Figge, W. S. Sheldrick, P. Banerjee. Polyhedron 25 (2006) 3138-3144.

3. “Synthesis, crystal structures and magnetic properties of three Ni(II) complexes having NiN4 core with argentocyanide, terephthalate and dicyanamide ions: From discrete molecule to a helical network”
Jishnunil Chakraborty, P. Roy, H. Mayer-Figge, W. S. Sheldrick, P. Banerjee. Polyhedron 26 (2007) 3609-3616.

4. “Synthesis, crystal, and molecular structure of coordination polymers constructed by self-assembly of NiN4 cores with 2,2¢-iminodibenzoate and nitroprusside ions”
Jishnunil Chakraborty, N. Shaikh, H. Mayer-Figge, W. S. Sheldrick, P. Vojtíšek, P. Banerjee. Struct. Chem. 18 (2007) 157-164.

5. “Nickel Complexes with N2O Donor Ligands: Syntheses, Structures, Catalysis and Magnetic Studies”
Jishnunil Chakraborty, M. Nandi, H. Mayer-Figge, W. S. Sheldrick, L. Sorace, A. Bhaumik, P. Banerjee. Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. (2007), 5033-5044.

6. “Synthesis and crystal structure of an iron(II) dimeric complex”
P. Roy, K. Dhara, Jishnunil Chakraborty, M. Nethaji, P. Banerjee. Indian J. Chem. 46A (2007) 1947-1950.

7. “Synthesis, crystal structures and properties of two Pd(II) and Pt(II) complexes involving 3,5-diphenylpyrazole and NO2 donor ligands”
Jishnunil Chakraborty, M. K. Saha, P. Banerjee. Inorg. Chem. Commun. 10 (2007) 671-676.

8. “Synthesis of dispiropyrrolidines from chromone-3-carbaldehyde using sarcosine and ninhydrin as the source of an azomethine ylide”
S. K. Panja, P. Karmakar, Jishnunil Chakraborty, T. Ghosh, C. Bandyopadhyay. Tetrahedron Letters 49 (2008) 4397-4401.

9. “Solvent Mediated Hydrogen-bonded Supramolecular Network of a Cu(II) Complex Involving N2O Donor Ligand and Terephthalate”
Jishnunil Chakraborty. J. Korean Chem. Soc. 55 (2011) 199-203.

10. “Copper(II) azide complexes with NNO donor ligands: Syntheses, structure, catalysis and biological studies”
C. Adhikary, S. Banerjee, Jishnunil Chakraborty, S. Ianelli. Polyhedron 65 (2013) 48-53.

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