Dr. Binita Ghosh

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Personal detail :
Dr. Binita Ghosh
Assistant Professor
Academic Profile :

M.Sc., Ph.D

Condensed Matter Physics

Position Held Earlier (Optional) :
Position :
Research Fellow
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata
Position :
Research Associate
Bose Institute, Kolkata
Area of Research :

Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Metal nanoclusters. Theoretical electronic structure calculation of perovskite materials by first principles calculation using density functional theory (DFT). Study of vibrational phonon modes by Raman spectroscopy. Study of dielectric properties by Impedance spectroscopy.

Current Projects :
Completed Projects :
Project :

Transport Properties of Double Perovskite Oxides,


June 2011-March 2012.

Project :

Linear & Nonlinear Optical Properties of Perovskite Oxides,


April 2012- April 2015.

List of Publication :

1. Investigating the optical, photosensitivity and photocatalytic properties of double perovskites A2LuTaO6 (A = Ba, Sr): A combined experimental and density functional theory study. Saswata Halder, Md. Sariful Sheikh, Ritwik Maity, Binita Ghosh, T.P. Sinha,Ceramics International 45, 15496–15504,(2019)

2. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic study and electronic structure of double-perovskites A2SmTaO6 (A= Ba, Sr, Ca). Binita Ghosh, Saswata Halder, Santiranjan Shannigrahi, T.P. Sinha, Solid State Sciences 67, 114-118 (2017)

3. Electronic structure and electrical conduction by polaron hopping mechanism in A2LuTaO6 (A= Ba, Sr, Ca) double perovskite oxides. Saswata Halder, Md. Sariful Sheikh, Binita Ghosh, T.P. Sinha, Ceramics International 43, 11097–11108 (2017).
4. Octahedral distortion induced phonon vibration and electrical conduction in A2NdSbO6 (A =Ba, Sr, Ca), Saswata Halder , Md. Sariful Sheikh, Binita Ghos , T.P. Sinha ,Materials Chemistry and Physics 199, 508-521 (2017)
5. Photophysical electronic structure of double-perovskites A2GdTaO6 (A= Ba and Sr), Binita Ghosh, Alo Dutta, Santiranjan Shannigrahi and T.P. Sinha, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 648, 111 - 115 (2015).

6. Dielectric relaxation in double-perovskite Ca2GdTaO6, Binita Ghosh, Alo Dutta,
Kumar Brajesh and T.P. Sinha, Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics 53, 125 – 133 (2015).

7. Dielectric Relaxation and Collective Vibrational Modes of Double-Perovskites A2SmTaO6 (A= Ba, Sr and Ca), Binita Ghosh, Saswata Halder and T.P. Sinha, Journal of the American Ceramic Society 97, 2564 - 2572 (2014).

8. Structural and electrical transport properties of a rare earth double perovskite
oxide: Ba2ErNbO6 , Rajesh Mukherjee, Binita Ghosh, Sujoy Saha, Chandrahas Bharti and T. P. Sinha, Journal of Rare Earth 32 (4), 334 - 342 (2014).

9. Dielectric relaxation of CdSe nanoparticles, Sayantani Das, Alo Dutta, Binita Ghosh, Sourish Banerjee and T.P. Sinha, Journal of Physics & Chemistry of Solids 75, 1245 – 1251 (2014).
10. Combined XPS and first principles study of double perovskite Ca2GdTaO6, Binita Ghosh, Alo Dutta, S. Sannigrahi and T.P. Sinha, Journal of Material Science 49 (2), 819 - 826 (2014)
11. Vibrational modes and electrical transport in Sr2GdTaO6, Binita Ghosh, Alo Dutta, T.P. Sinha, Materials Chemistry & Physics 143, 26 - 33 (2013)
14. Dielectric relaxation and conduction mechanism in Ba2GdTaO6, Binita Ghosh, Alo Dutta, T.P. , Journal of Alloys and Compounds 554, 80 – 85 (2013)
15. Ion-Beam-Synthesized Colloidal Silver Nanoclusters in Crystalline Sapphire as Third-Order Optical Material, Anna Kozakiewicz, Binita Ghosh, Purushottam Chakraborty, Trevor Derry, S. R. Naidoo and Paul Franklyn, IEEE Photonics Journal 4, No.1, 205-214 (2012)
16 .Large third-order optical nonlinearity of silver colloids in silica glasses synthesized by ion implantation, Binita Ghosh and P. Chakraborty, Nucl. Instrum. Meth B 269,1321-1326 (2011)
17. Ion Beam Synthesis of Metal Quantum Dots for Photonic Applications, Binita Ghosh and Purushottam Chakraborty, Journal of Surface Investigation, X-ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques 4, 518–524 (2010)
18. Anti-resonant interferometric nonlinear spectroscopy (ARINS) study of metal nanocluster-glass composites, Binita Ghosh, P. Chakraborty, B. P. Singh and T. Kundu, J. Phys: Conference Series 185, 012010 (2009)
19. Enhanced Nonlinear Optical Responses in Metal-glass Nanocomposite, Binita Ghosh, P. Chakraborty, B. P. Singh and T. Kundu, Applied Surface Science, 256, 389-394 (2009)
20. Photo-acoustic spectroscopy of Ni+ - implanted fused silica glasses
Binita Ghosh, P. Chakraborty, P. Kumar, D. Kanjilal and C. Vijayan, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. in Phys. Res. B 266, 1229-1234 (2008)
21. Saturable absorption in gold implanted fused silica
Binita Ghosh, P. Chakraborty, B. Sunderavel and C. Vijayan, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. in Phys. Res. B 266, 1356-1361 (2008)
22. Linear and nonlinear optical absorption in copper nanocluster-glass composites, Binita Ghosh, P. Chakraborty, C. Vijayan and P. Mazzoldi, Materials Letters 61, 4512-4515 (2007)

Membership of Professional Bodies :

1. Electron Microscope Society of India, (registration no. SC/5228)
2. Materials Research Society of India, (registration no. LMB1935)

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Invited Lectures :
Conference Presented Papers :

1. Understanding the photoluminescence characteristics of Eu3+- doped double-perovskite by structure calculation , Binita Ghosh, Saswata Halder, Sayantani Das and T.P. Sinha (AIP Conference Proceedings, DAE Solid State Physics 2015).
2. Recent Trends in Condensed Matter Physics, Bose Institute , Kolkata , 2017
2.National Seminar on Ferroelectrics & Dielectrics, Manipur University, Imphal (November 2014).
3.DAE Solid State Physics Symposium, VIT University Vellore, (December, 2014).
4.International Union of Materials Research Society, Materials Research Society of India, International Conference in Asia – 2013, IISC Bangalore (December, 2013).
5.DAE Solid State Physics Symposium, IIT Bombay, Mumbai (December, 2012).
6.Magnetic Phase Transitions and Transformations, School cum Workshop, Jadavpur University, Kolkata (August 2011)
7.National Symposium on Radiation & Photochemistry (NSRP), Nainital, (March 2009)
8.8th Asian International Symposium on Atomic and Molecular Physics, University of Western Australia, Perth, (November 2008)
9.Indo-Japan Workshop on Quantum Beam Science, SINP, Kolkata (March 2008)
10.International Conference on Ion Beam Analysis (IBA), University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad (September, 2007).
11.One day Symposium on Vistas of the Present-Day Physics Research, SINP, Kolkata (March, 2007).
12.7th International Conference on Atomic and Molecular Physics, IIT, Chennai (December, 2006)
13.Synthesis and Characterisation of Materials Using Ion-Beam Technology, ICTP, Trieste, Italy (June 2006)
14.Topical Conference on Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, IACS, Kolkata(December, 2005)
15.DAE Solid State Physics Symposium, BARC, Mumbai (December, 2005)

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