Tutorial topics for Dept. of English, Sem-4 (CC10)

CC10 Tutorial Topics

Below is a list of topics students may choose from for their tutorial projects. Papers have to be written following the MLA guidelines and are not to exceed 1500-2000 words. Please email the rough drafts to sengupta.kush27@gmail.com by 20th April 2020.

Please use the Google Form link below to indicate your choice among the following topics. Please write the full title in the Google Form below at the earliest. Feel free to contact me for further clarification.



Analyze The Mayor of Casterbridge as a tragedy
Analyze the women characters in The Mayor of Casterbridge
Importance of fate and chance in The Mayor of Casterbridge
Analyze the portrayal of the contemporary social picture in Pride and Prejudice
The aptness of the title of Pride and Prejudice
Analyze Jane Austen’s take on love and marriage in Pride and Prejudice
How does Tennyson use the mythical character of Ulysses to embody the Victorian spirit?
Analyze how Goblin Market becomes a medium to explore gender relationships in the guise of a children’s poem
Analyze the success of My Last Duchess as a dramatic monologue
Do you think the poem My Last Duchess is about art and power? Discuss
Analyze the relation between man and nature in “Dover Beach”