The Department of Sociology offers students a pragmatic perspective and also diversity of options, in an environment that is inspiring and conducive to education. Its dedicated faculty through quality and regulatory standards in classroom teaching offers students a complete academic pathway in today’s competitive world.

          Faculty Detail :

Sm. Madhumita Guha, M.A. (Part–time)
Summary – (Academic Profile)

Name: Sm. Madhumita Guha
Designation: (Part–time)
Qualifications: M.A.

Sm. Anindita Sarkar, M.A.
Summary – (Academic Profile)

Name: Sm. Anindita Sarkar
Designation: Guest Lecturer
Qualifications: M.A.

          Program Specific Outcome:

PSO 1: Students will be able to think sociologically about the relationship between social structure, interaction, identities, and inequalities. They will be able to identify and explain major sociological theories and apply them to everyday life.

PSO 2: Students will be proficient in qualitative and quantitative research design, data collection and data analysis. Students will be proficient in oral and written communication skills appropriate to the discipline.

PSO 3: Students will be able to practice sociology as educated and civically engaged persons. They Use social theory to critically interpret and evaluate both published social scientific research and social policies and programs.

PSO 4: Explain, and evaluate the ways in which sociological theories and methods are used outside of academic settings in the practice of sociology and the production of positive social change.