Political Science

The Department with its dedicated faculty and well – structured lessons focusses on the issues and strategies of good governance. The new trends in Indian politics are seen through the prisms of decentralisation, secularisation, federalisation and globalisation. The comprehensive teaching method helps the students to develop a sound understanding of its principles and theories. Thus the department tries to infuse in the students the right type of knowledge which re–orients their minds in the direction of peace and international understanding, which is the need of the day.

          Faculty Detail :

Sri Gautam Banerjee, M.A.
Summary – (Academic Profile)

Name: Sri Gautam Banerjee
Designation: Head of the Department
Qualifications: M.A.

Sm. Ruth Rhea Khan, M.A.
Summary – (Academic Profile)

Name: Sm. Ruth Rhea Khan
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualifications: M.A.

          Program Outcome:

PO-1 Understanding Issues of Domestic and International Politics- The course is aimed at preparing students to have knowledge of the major issues and incidents that affect governments and policy making. The dynamics of decision making by the political leadership are studied and analysed in detail.

PO-2 Comprehending basic structures and processes of Government Systems-Varieties of government systems are studied and case studies of leadership styles are discussed while learning about Constitutions of different countries.

PO-3 Critical analysis of theories and concepts of Political Science- The students are given a worldview of the different theories and paradigms that are associated with the discipline. They are expected to test the application of these theories to real world events as and when they occupy centre stage in international affairs.

PO-4 Developing competency with modern social science research-The innovations in social science methods and research all over the world are taught to the students so that research skills and methodological tools become easy for them to master. The pursuit of a degree in the subject aims at equipping them to be at par with other students globally.

PO-5 The CBCS Curriculum with its sweeping canvas of many newer themes and topics in the discipline is a major attraction now for the students of Political Science. The faculty aim at covering these interesting themes through documentaries and online resources.

          Program Specific Outcome:

PSO-1 Understanding and interpreting political behaviour and facts.

PSO-2 Assessing actions and decisions of political actors

          Course Outcome:

CO-1 Developing an understanding of the decisions that political actors make in political settings.

CO-2 Understanding how laws and policies are framed and analysing the constraints around which policymakers work around.

CO-3 To be able to identify the concepts, theories and issues that are applicable to the discipline.

CO-4 Understand political culture and constitutional frameworks of countries.

CO-5 A thorough understanding of international relations and diplomacy in world affairs.