• St. Paul’s Cathedral Mission College Celebrates its 150th anniversary in the year 2014–2015. In this century and the half the College has reached many milestones. It has seen the making of many prominent faces; people who have made not only Bengal, but India proud. 2015 is the centenary year for the Department of English as well. In the last one hundred years the Department has maintained a high standard, dealt firmly and satisfactorily with ever increasing demands from the learners, appointed a faculty that boasts of high academic standards as well as continuous research.

    The Department is unique in another respect. It has its own Departmental Journal with ISSN number Symposium (ISSN 2320–1452). This journal has already seen five issues and is highly regarded in the English Literature teaching community.

    The primary reason behind the decision to open a Postgraduate Department in St. Paul’s Cathedral Mission College arose out of a demand from the learners themselves. As it is, with the growing increase in student numbers and equality, the demand for seats in postgraduate institutions is ever on the rise. Since our college is centrally located, and we have a very large demand for seats at the under graduate level (at least a 50:1 ratio as far as application and seats are concerned), it is only to be expected that the postgraduate department will be equally successful.

    One of the major advantages St. Paul’s Cathedral Mission College has is space. But even more significantly the College boasts of a Library that is rich not only in its collection of titles, but also in the efficiency and helpfulness of the stuff members looking after it. Along with the Central Library, there is also the Departmental Seminar Library. The latter in particular is already equipped to the assist post graduate students with reference books and as the project progresses, the department has concrete plans of developing a new post graduate library with textual as well as digital material.

    With a number of under–graduate colleges stepping up with the affiliation of the University of the Calcutta and some evolving into independent entities, it is felt by a large section of the stakeholders including the Governing Body, the faculty, guardians and most impotently the students that St. Paul’s Cathedral Mission College should also join this initiative. In 2005 the first NAAC Peer Team that visit St. Paul’s recommended five of its eleven departments for upgradation to post graduate status. Along with English, other departments such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics feature in that list.