Symposium (ISSN 2320-1452) is the peer reviewed literary journal of the Department of English, St. Paul’s Cathedral Mission College Kolkata. The journal is solely edited by Dr. Anasuya Bhar and is being published annually ever since the year 2010. It began its journey with the aim of being a forum for creative and critical thought for the faculty and staff of the Department, but soon grew to include articles and academic papers from colleagues across the fraternity spanning the state of West Bengal and sometimes even beyond. We are proud to say that Symposium houses articles by several noteworthy scholars and academics.


Symposium acquired its ISSN number in the year 2012 and had its first peer review team in 2014. We had reputed names like Prof. Salil Biswas, Dr. Sanjukta Das, Dr. Sukanti Dutta and Dr. Tania Chakravertty in our first committee. The committee now is a five member team with Dr. Sanjukta Das, Dr. Jolly Das, Dr. Vishnupriya Sengupta, Dr. Tania Chakravertty and Dr. Rudrashis Datta as its members. The committee and the editor are together united in publishing both original and unpublished articles in the journal and strict measures are taken to avoid plagiarism of all kinds.


Symposium has, until now, published nine volumes beginning from 2010. The thrust areas for the years so far have been

1. Miscellaneous (2010)
2. The Twentieth Century (2011)
3. Dickens and Browning bicentenary (2012)
4. Romanticism (2013)
5. Literary Theory and Texts (2014)
6. Shakespeare (2015)
7. City as Text (2016)
8. Open Issue (2017)
9. Literature and History (2018)


Each year a ‘call for papers’ is prepared and circulated among friends and colleagues across the fraternity and articles are invited to be sent to the editor by email. The articles are advised to be in Times Roman (12 pt) and are expected to follow the MLA style sheet for citations. The articles so received are then sent to the reviewers and are re-sent to the authors, if required. A careful editing is then done by the editor herself before sending it to the printer. She usually goes through two proofs before the final printing. The cover page is also an in-house production.

Call For Papers

CFP 2016

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  CFP 2020

Peer Review Format

Peer Review Format

Clips from previous volumes

  Symposium 2019, the Tenth Anniversary issue ‘open issue’

Symposium 2018, the ninth issue ‘Literature and History’

Symposium 2017, the eighth issue ‘Open Issue’

Symposium 2016, the seventh issue ‘City as Text’

Symposium 2015, the sixth issue celebrating Shakespeare:

Symposium 2014, the fifth issue published in the sesquicentenary year of the college:

Symposium 2013, the fourth issue:

Symposium 2012, third issue:

Symposium 2011, the second issue:

Symposium 2010, the first issue:

It has been our purpose to maintain a very high academic standard for this journal and we feel committed to do so in the future.

Dr. Anasuya Bhar

Editor, Symposium

Associate Professor of English,

Dean of Postgraduate Studies,

Department of English,

St. Paul’s Cathedral Mission College Kolkata.