B.A. General Sem-2 GE2/CC2 Tutorial Topics

Please write a term paper (in not more than 1500 words) on one of the following topics:

  1.  The main themes of As You Like it
  2.  The character of Rosalind in As You Like It
  3.  The character of Orlando in As You Like It
  4.  A summary of Shooting an Elephant
  5.  Arms and the Man as an anti-romantic comedy
  6.  The character of Raina in Arms and the Man
  7.  The character of Bluntschli in Arms and the Man
  8.  The character of Henchard in The Mayor of Casterbridge
  9.  The novel The Mayor of Casterbridge as a tragedy
  10. The women characters in The Mayor of Casterbridge

Please write your Name, University Roll No., and Registration Number clearly in your paper otherwise your submission may be cancelled.

Final Deadline for submission- 30th May 2020.

Please mail your papers to:  sengupta.kush27@gmail.com

Please note that the deadline is to be strictly maintained and no submission shall be entertained after the due date.